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How long is the brake pad replaced properly? Driving determines brake pad life

It is often asked how often to replace the brake pads. This is a difficult question to answer. In addition to frequent long-distance driving, the most important thing is whether the driving style is appropriate, such as the driving advance. If you can master it well, you will find that you don't need to step on the brake at all. Generally speaking, a pair of brake pads can use 100000 km. If used well, it can even reach 150000 km.

Replacement of brake pads

It is difficult to define how often brake pads need to be replaced because each driver presses the brakes differently. The only way is to check the wear of the brake pads during the routine inspection. If the brake pads reach the critical point, they must be replaced immediately.

The replacement of brake pads of disc brake is relatively simple. Remove the tire, loosen the brake caliper screw, you can take off the brake pad, and then replace with a new one, the whole process of up to 5 minutes, and do not need any adjustment.

It is a little difficult to replace the drum brake. It is necessary to remove the wheel and then the brake drum before replacing the brake pad. Pay attention to the coincidence between the new brake pad and the brake drum. If the overlap is not good, sometimes it needs to be polished. During assembly, the gap between the brake pad and the brake drum should be adjusted. In short, this is a job with a little technical content.

The right driving style can prolong the life of brake pads

Slamming on the brake when you encounter some problems is a favorite of people with poor driving skills, but it is also a potential accident. I believe you may have such an experience: the car in front of you is going well, and there is nothing wrong with the road ahead. However, they brake inexplicably, which makes the rear car caught off guard and has the possibility of rear end collision. This is the typical road killer.

In addition, some people have only two choices for their feet during driving: refueling and braking. The frequency of braking has reached a very high level. In fact, such people are not in the minority. As a result, the brake pads have to be replaced every 20000-30000 km.

The correct way to drive is to keep concentration and look at the road at any time. If there is a problem, stop the fuel in advance and decelerate, and decide whether to step on the brake according to the change of the situation. This can save gasoline and prolong the life of brake pads.

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