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Maintenance methods for common faults of old cars

In the long-term use of cars, it is inevitable that there will be some small problems, small faults, let alone used cars. In particular, the tire, fuel consumption, brake system is most likely to produce safety hazards. So, how to deal with these situations? What are the maintenance methods for common faults of old cars? Let's learn about them together.

Common fault one: Tire punctured by foreign body.

Tires are the most vulnerable places to wear and damage. In particular, when walking on mountain roads, tires are always punctured by stones or nails. Many car owners, in order to save time, go to the roadside repair shop to repair and then continue to drive. In fact, this method can only be temporary remedy, which will leave a great potential safety hazard when driving at high speed. It is suggested that the owner of the car should find a professional repair shop for internal repair, because the professional repair shop will have special tools to remove the tire, and it will be safer to repair after heating with a special curing press.

Common fault 2: fuel consumption increases greatly.

After the car has been used for a period of time, many car owners will find that the fuel consumption has increased by more than 10%, and they are puzzled. In fact, the increase in fuel consumption also indicates that the vehicle has a potential fault. This is to first understand the reason for the increase in fuel consumption, and then to solve it. There are many factors that lead to increased fuel consumption. For example, clutch slip will make the engine speed lost, resulting in a sharp increase in fuel consumption, the clutch pressure plate and drive wheel need to be replaced in time.

Common fault three: brake system failure.

The brake system failure includes: the brake pedal stroke is too large, the braking effect is slow, the braking efficiency is very low or even lost, and the braking distance is increased. There are three ways to solve this problem. Step on the brake pedal continuously. If the pedal rises gradually and has a feeling of elasticity, but it is still very low when you step on the pedal again after a short pause, that is, there is air in the brake system. At this time, exhaust the brake system. One foot brake does not work, but the brake effect is very good when you step on the pedal several times continuously. Generally, the free stroke of the brake pedal is too large or the brake clearance is too large. The free stroke of the pedal should be adjusted, and then the brake clearance should be checked. If necessary, the brake should be disassembled and repaired. Recommended reading: how to judge whether the tire should be replaced

For all kinds of small car faults, car owners must not ignore, it is to remind you of the existence of hidden faults, timely solution or replacement, not only can ensure the safety of driving, but also can extend the service life of the vehicle. Therefore, please pay attention to it.

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