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Five Problems of Air Conditioning System

In summer, air conditioning is indispensable. At present, car owners are not very conscious of the maintenance of automobile air-conditioning, although the use of air-conditioning has not considered the maintenance methods, in the long run, air-conditioning problems are likely to arise. So, what are the problems of air conditioning system?

1. Clean water tank and condenser

Water tank and condenser are important components of vehicle cooling system and air conditioning. With the long-term use of vehicles, dust, sediment, willow catkins and so on will be mixed in the gap between them, which will affect the performance of water temperature and air conditioning refrigeration.

2. Check the air conditioning pressure and replace the refrigerant

First check (H) is the high-pressure detection tube and (L) is the low-pressure detection tube, respectively connected with the fluorine pressure gauge, fluorine pressure gauge connection completed, the vehicle ignition idle start. When the air conditioning switch is turned on, the air conditioning system is opened to the maximum start of operation detection. The idle state pressure detection high voltage should not exceed 300, and the idle state low pressure should not exceed 60.

After idling for a few minutes, the pressure change of pressure gauge is observed by increasing the speed of oil feeding, and the operation of air conditioning compressor is checked. Then take out the original refrigerant (134a), the weight is generally between 250 g and 300 g, received pressure gauges to prepare for fluorination, it is recommended that the general two or three years of car use about one bottle, some models can add two bottles.

3. How to choose a good oil viscosity in summer?

In summer, many car owners complain about oil consumption. In fact, in summer, they can choose lubricants with lower viscosity. Of course, this is also on the premise of better condition and less wear and tear. For more kilometers, older cars should still use lubricants with a slightly higher viscosity.

4. How to clean the air duct and replace the filter element?

The life of the filter element of the original air conditioner of the automobile is 12,000 kilometers, which is normally changed under normal conditions. The way to clean the ventilation duct is very simple. It is to plug the air outlet with a wet towel and adjust the air speed of the air conditioner to the maximum, so that the dust will be absorbed on the towel. In addition, air conditioning duct cleaning agent can be used to assist high-pressure air gun cleaning 2 to 3 times to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

5. How should the mildew of air conditioning be cleaned up?

Some owners will find that when the air conditioner is turned on, the air outlet will blow out a musty smell, which is because the air supply duct is not cleaned in time. The simplest way is to clean the air-conditioning duct. As we mentioned earlier, the user can purchase the air-conditioning cleaning agent to assist the operation. When the air conditioner is finished, it should not be closed immediately, but continue to turn on the air supply switch for 5 minutes. Recommended Reading: What if the car air conditioner smells bad?

In addition, vehicles must pay attention to the use of internal and external circulation system when entering summer. Many models are now automatic air conditioning, while some models are manual air conditioning. At this time, we should pay attention to it. When the external circulation is used, the air conditioner enters the air from the outside of the vehicle, while the internal circulation is the use of the air in the vehicle.

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