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Daily maintenance focuses on rust prevention
Talking about car maintenance, many owners think of first is engine, tires, brakes, and automobile chassis maintenance easily ignored by the owner, little imagine, automobile chassis maintenance directly related to the car's handling, comfort, safety, and, so to speak, automotive chassis is to ensure that the overall performance of an important part of its maintenance can take lightly.
Chassis damage affects the car
For a car, the chassis ensures the safety of the car and its owner. During the driving process of the vehicle, the sand and gravel from the road surface constantly collide with the chassis. The original anti-rust layer on the chassis is gradually damaged and the metal is exposed to the outside. In summer, the high temperature on the ground during the day makes the chassis extremely hot, and the moisture in the atmosphere slowly corrodes the bottom of the car after the temperature drops. The damage of chassis will further threaten the normal use of other parts: steering damage, oil leakage, deformation of chassis, loose overall structure, all of which will bring safety hazards to the vehicle. Generally new cars will be sprayed with anti-rust primer when they leave the factory, but they will be slowly oxidized after a period of time. Once the chassis parts rust and corrode, it will lead to the whole vehicle structure loose, bringing safety hazards, and many traffic accidents are caused by the loose chassis.
Daily maintenance focuses on rust prevention
Chassis in the daily maintenance of the most important is rust prevention. In rainy weather, a large amount of sediment is splashed on the chassis of the car, which is difficult to clean. The chassis will be corroded, oxidized and rusted. Car maintenance personnel suggest that car owners should choose a professional car beauty center when dealing with the car chassis rust prevention. Because professional equipment can thoroughly clean the chassis. In general, after a chassis in high pressure water spray antirust care little hang water, so the effect of the representative is "real" care, just can have very good rust protection. In addition, the main attention of the car is not to use alkaline cleaning solution after anti-rust nursing, such as washing powder, washing lingchong and other washing bodies and chassis, will affect anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time. Frequent long-distance car owners can regularly carry out professional chassis care.
Chassis armor is protected from damage
The most popular chassis protection on the market is chassis armor, which means that the car chassis is equipped with strong armor, which is really the only way to protect the exposed parts of the car chassis at present. Professional chassis armor is a special kind of elastic colloid material spraying on the chassis, the chassis and the wheel hub wrapped completely above the noise of the place, its natural consolidation after the formation of the chassis protective layer, can reduce sand impact damage, anticorrosion. In addition, chassis armor can also play a good acoustic insulation role.
Not all vehicles need chassis armour, and often on better roads there is no need for it. Generally speaking, chassis armor construction process requirements are high. First, the staff will remove some chassis accessories, such as tires and brake pads, and thoroughly clean the bottom of the vehicle. After washing the remaining impurities from the chassis, the staff will dry the water mark of the chassis, and then spray the chassis with elastic plastic material to protect the chassis. However, chassis armor is very professional, so the car mainly chooses the regular service shop.
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